An open source project we are building for ourselves. Goal of the project is:

  1. To establish transparent communication between software development team
  2. To keep the entire team motivated and focused on what we want to achieve
  3. To ensure smooth progress so no-one is blocked by someone else on the team (very common in software dev teams)
  4. To ensure highest quality of work
  5. To gradually build a knowledge base, so team don’t repeat their mistakes, and don’t waste time re-researching same problems

The application is 100% conceptualized, designed and developed by our in-house team. We are using React/Redux, with heavy use of React hooks for modular composition. On top of React, we are using Next.JS to reap SEO benefits while keeping productivity of React. Database is powered by Postgres SQL, which together with Hasura provide GraphQL APIs. We custom built authentication mechanism using TypeGraphql and TypeORM that works behind the scene. This project takes a balanced approach with hybrid microservices and monolithic architecture, and is truly a project we love to showcase.

project image project image